The PIP scandal affected so many women in the UK. We seem to comment on a new element of the story every week. The Beauty Gurus will never lose sight of the poor patients behind the headlines. It is true that a credit card can provide protection in circumstances such as these. However, as we have stressed so many times, proper research and planning will give much better protection and indeed a possible better outcome for the potential cosmetic surgery patient.

Let’s focus on Breast Augmentation, still the most popular procedure we see. We feel that the most important element of any procedure is the surgeon. It is he, or she that most likely will determine how good, or bad, your outcome will be. Questions to ask are as follows….

1. Is your surgeon a fully qualified surgeon having attained FRCS (plast)? This level of training ensures the surgeon is fully trained, not a surgeon that stopped short of reaching this qualification to start private practice. It takes many years to qualify to this level. Make sure your surgeon is sufficiently qualified.
2. How many Breast augmentations have you done?
3. What is your complication rate and how does that compare to the National average?
4. What implants do you use? – even here, there are pitfalls to be aware of. Many people recognise Allergan as one of the market leaders but did you know Allergan make two ranges? One is more expensive than the other. Many clinics have used or do use the cheaper range!
The Beauty Gurus use Inspira by Allergan. This is the most expensive round implant range Allergan do at this time and our surgeons have huge experience with it. We use them because they are, in our opinion, the best. and the present time , DO NOT forget, the implant stays with you for many years, possibly 20 or more. As such, you HAVE to make sure you are getting a top quality implant. Again, ask your provider to confirm in writing what implant they will be using.

Of course many other questions will be prevalent in your mind. You must make sure you are given as much advice as you need and not under any circumstances pressurised into a quick decision by a “patient advisor” often paid on commission. We do not use salespeople at The Beauty Gurus, nor do we pay anyone on commission.

We see dozens of girls throughout the West Midlands, Hereford and London that are happy to go ahead with surgery with little knowledge. It’s our approach to stop that happening. The patient must be given time to think about it and make an informed decision. If this is not the approach of your provider, go elsewhere.

Come and chat to us. Call Jo or Annette on 0800 612 5919 or visit us at The Beautyu Gurus.

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