When considering plastic surgery, are we always realistic with expectations?

Many patients are quite excited when they come for consultation. For many, it is the end of a rightly long decision making process than leads them eventually to our door. However, one of the most critical parts of the consultation process is to endeavour to manage and find the patients’ expectations of the outcome of their plastic surgery or treatment. Some patients arrive with pictures of a nose or body they would like. Some describe celebrities they would like a part of their body to look like. Our job is to manage their expectation. There is nothing worse for the patient or for us than to feel disappointed with the outcome of their surgery or treatment. This is precisely why a realistic outcome has to be expected.

Plastic surgery is sometimes likened to art. The surgeon’s skill is to finely tune the patient’s features to make sure they look better than before but not necessarily different. Many people will walk past you today who have had surgery, we would like to think most you will not spot! At The Beauty Gurus we hold plastic surgery clinics in Birmingham, Hereford and the wider west midlands region. If we feel a patient simply has unrealistic goals or expectations as to what can be achieved, we will decline to operate. The opposite approach can often lead to deep dissatisfaction which benefits no one.

For treatments such as Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) and Liposuction (treatments we have performed many, many times) Mr Vijh is able to give a good idea of what can be expected. If this does not match the patient’s ideas, we will always try to lower the expectation so a good outcome can be reached that the patient is delighted with.

In this day of celebrity culture, it is easy for patients to get carried away with ideas of what they want. You should never feel pressurised into having surgery, you should always see a well qualified surgeon in person for a relaxed, non-rushed consultation. You should always then give it further thought for two weeks after the consultation: what we call a cooling off period. These are standards that are advised in the interests of patient welfare to which we adhere at The Beauty Gurus.

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