Ah, December – festive spirit, endless presents, dry, irritated skin. Wait, what? Even though it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (well, as much as it can in 2020), the ruthless bluster of the December weather will have no doubt left you with a plethora of skin problems, stretching your patience to its very limits as you try your best to find the perfect winter skincare regime.

Does such a thing exist? Although everybody’s skin is different, there are several actions that you should be taking to minimise the risk of your skin falling victim to the pre-Christmas chill. That’s why we’ve taken upon ourselves to ask our experts for their top tips on how to keep the harsher weather at bay. Aren’t we good?

Why is winter skincare necessary? 

Thanks to bracing winds and lower humidity levels, our skin can dry out, crack and even start to bleed, from now until the early signs of spring! This is because such exposure to extremes of temperature can impair the skin barrier – the part of the epidermis tasked with keeping the skin protected from external forces – and set the stage for sensitivity and dehydration. It’s for this reason that common skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis come to the fore during the year’s bleaker periods, with the cold responsible for accelerating these irritating symptoms in the individuals affected. 

Acne can also become a problem at this time and this is because the body attempts to moisten dry skin by releasing an excessive amount of sebum, a natural oil that is used to protect and hydrate. When sebum appears in abundance, our pores can become clogged much more easily and our skin can play host to more comedones, papules and pustules than normal – a seasonal sequence of events that definitely hasn’t been aided by the current requirement to wear masks or face coverings when out and about. 

Escaping the cold by cranking up the thermostat or spending longer in a hot bath or shower can also open a can of worms, as these things can cause our skin to dry out even more and bring about the unfortunate loss of many essential natural oils. To counter this, make sure you only warm up your house to a comfortable level before switching the heating off and bathe or wash in lukewarm water! 

Winter skincare: which products should you be using? 

Although a comprehensive skincare routine should be followed throughout the year, this will need to be revised in time for the winter. By now, many of you will have established a trusty winter skincare regime and will be reaping the benefits of this change, but how can you be sure you’re doing everything you can to get your skin to its optimal level? 

For starters, you should certainly make sure that you switch up your moisturiser for the duration of this more demanding period. And whilst choosing a thicker one may be the way to go, those that are oil-based might actually increase the chances of the skin breaking out. Your best bet here is to choose a moisturiser that contains ceramides – natural fats that can help strengthen your skin barrier and aid the skin in its ability to retain moisture. This should eliminate itchiness and irritation. 

Next, it makes sense to invest in a hydrating cleanser that can clear the face of dead skin cells, rogue makeup, dirt, oil and any other assorted debris without bringing any further harm to the skin barrier. Again, it’s wise to select one packed with ceramides and other crucial ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid – more on that later!

Something you may not have considered at this time is the impact that the sun can have on the skin in winter. Yes, it’s a thing! Even though the sun isn’t currently lighting up the sky, there’s still a chance that UV rays can break through the clouds and inflict all sorts of damage to your skin, especially if it has been snowing! 

This damage can come in many forms, from the premature emergence of fine lines and wrinkles to the early stages of skin cancer, so protect yourself by applying a suitable sunscreen to those exposed areas of skin whenever you know you’ll be spending time outside. 

Lastly, make products rich in both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C an essential part of your winter skincare routine. These ultra-moisturising ingredients feature in many premium-brand creams and serums and can provide the skin with a much-needed boost, with hyaluronic acid famed for its water retention properties and ability to smooth fine lines and vitamin C used to brighten, reduce inflammation and address any inconsistencies with tone and texture. 

The Beauty Gurus 

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