This month the FDA, the regulatory body for Food and Drugs in the United States, approved Botox for use on crows feet at the side of the eyes in patients. Surgeons in the UK and United States have been using botox for this purpose for many years.

Using botox on crows feet - Cosmetic Surgery Procedures
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Botox is a very effective way of temporarily easing fine lines in certain areas of the face. Coupled frequently with fillers, these injectable treatments can give a patient a much more youthful and fresh appearance. The Beauty Gurus welcome this approval in the United States. However, we feel strongly about the regulatory aspects and position in the UK. Very few providers of injectables have US FDA approval.

However, in the United Kingdom, dozens of different substances can be legally used by a range of different people including dentists, nurses, clinicians etc . We would stress that The Beauty Gurus provide these treatments undertaken by consultant plastic surgeons fully trained and accredited in the UK.

We also ONLY use the injectable substances approved by the FDA. Until the UK regulates the use and prescription of these substances, we will default to the products that are approved by one of the toughest regulatory bodies in the world.

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The Beauty Gurus are providers of the top quality cosmetic surgery in the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and London.  We feel it is shameful that companies such as Harley Medical Group should act or be allowed to act in this manner. The welfare of our patients is at the very top of our agenda. We have never used PIP implants and only use expensive and  top quality implants in all our procedures.

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