If we measure by the positive feeling felt by a patient, a Rhinoplasty, or “nose job” can be one of the most successful as expressed in the article. At The Beauty Gurus, we see many such patients in our clinics throughout Birmingham, Hereford and the West Midlands. However, a worrying trend is that we are seeing more and more “botched” nose jobs. Mr Vikram Vijh is an expert in resolving surgical problems, particularly complex ones post Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty/Nose Job Cosmetic Surgery

Mr Vijh was recently seen doing just this in the Last Chance Salon TV programme. A succession of patients came to Mr Vijh after surgery that had not been performed correctly. “It’s essential that a surgeon expereinced in Rhinoplastys performs a Rhinoplasty! This may seem obvious to you and I but we see many cases where a patient has gone to a surgeon who has perfomed very, very few procedures of that type. At The Beauty Gurus, we put you with an expert in his particular field. If it was a Rhinoplasty, that would be my speciality, if it was surgery post weight loss, that would be Mr Lewis…and so on” , explained Mr Vijh

Great results can be achieved and particularly with a Rhinoplasty, a small change to the shape or contour or the nose can make a huge difference to the patients outlook. This can apply with any surgery, but equally so, there are risks. We explain these risks carefully and in full. Only when our patients are sure they want the procedure and equally when we are sure they are suitable for surgery do we progress. We are experts in surgery, not salespeople! 


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