The Beauty Gurus have seen many changes to cosmetic surgery over the past ten years. As stated in this article,  the advent of lasers, chemical skin peels and other treatments have been very prevalent in that time. Through our clinics in the west midlands, Worcester and Hereford, we see cosmetic surgery patients requesting many different procedures.

We would stress that it is essential that practitioners undertaking such procedures are properly trained, qualified and experienced.

Non Surgical Treatment

Mr Vijh, from The Beauty Gurus says, ” I attend and speak at many meetings all over the world. We examine new techniques, equipment and treatments. Only when I am satisfied that these new aspects are safe and proven do we consider using them. Macrolane was a good example. We were never convinced about Macrolane at The Beauty Gurus. We didn’t use it and were subsequently proved right when it was withdrawn several years after launch.”

Please call The Beauty Gurus for details of all our treatments and procedures.  Our surgeons offer a wide range to suit you.  Visit our website at or call us on 0800 612 5919

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Unfortunately as we age, our eyes start to look tired even when we are not. At The Beauty Gurus we see many patients in our clinincs throughout the West Midlands frustrated at being constantly accused of tiredness when they are not.


The PIP Implant Scandal

The PIP Implant Scandal

The Beauty Gurus will not be passing comment on the sentence of Mr Masse following the recent trial in regard to the PIP scandal. We are happy that there has been a degree of closure for women on this. 

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