Morning everyone. Another distressing tale of misled patients, this time from Brazil. In the UK we do have a mechanism by which you can find out about your surgeon. Aside from websites which can be somewhat misleading (lets face it, they are put up there by the people who may wish to mislead!) there is a register which you can only be on with specialist training and qualifications. This register is the specialist register and can be found here.

This tells you for example Mr Vijh is a consultant plastic surgeon on the specialist register for plastic surgery. It tells you he is also a recognised trainer by the GMC. You cannot get this status without many, many years of training . All the surgeons at The Beauty Gurus have achieved the qualification of FRCS (Plast) which is the highest level of surgical training in the UK. Of course training and education is always ongoing for the best surgeons and often Mr Vijh is asked to speak and train other surgeons at plastic surgery events and meetings, such is his standing.

Compare this with one “surgeon” who we know to be practising in the UK. He is NOT on the specialist register, he is also NOT listed as a surgeon, but as a GP, and he actually has SEVERE restrictions on his work and cannot work unsupervised. Yet he continues to do breast augmentations on patients who undoubtedly know nothing of his background and charge them thousands for it! This information is all accessible by the public, rightly so, but how many check?

PLEASE do your homework, check the specialist register, check online at . If your surgeon is not on BOTH of these websites as a registered plastic surgeon, then he has not got the same qualaifcations as our surgeons have.

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