Some people think cosmetic surgery is only for vanity. However like this article and here at The Beauty Gurus, we see dozens of patients that have low esteem or even more serious problems as a result of how they look or feel about themselves.  We counsel all our patients very carefully indeed to ensure that the surgery we perform is safe, right for them and able to give an outcome that meets or exceeds the patients expectations.

Pinnaplasty Cosmetic Surgery

Throughout Birmingham, Hereford, Worcester and the west midlands, we see many patients who’s lives, in their eyes, are transformed as a result of the work we do. There is no greater reward for us, as surgeons, to see this. One such proceedure is Pinnaplasty sometimes known as Otoplasty or even Bat Ears.

The term “bat ears” sums up the nature of the problem, not just by its accurate description, but by the rather derogatory nature of the term. Often, children are teased for ears that are quite prominant. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to correct this with a simple proceedure and see the problem disappear. 

Our surgeons, as fathers themselves, are extremely sensitive to the difference between an adult and a child procedure. We work in the NHS too where we see many children.

For any surgical procedure, come talk to us. We are approachable and do not “sell” to you like certain clinics.

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