The Beauty Gurus are seeing a rise in the diversity of procedures requested by patients. Labiaplasty is one area that has seen a surge in recent times. A labiaplasty is the procedure for altering the folds of skin surrounding the human vulva.

Labiaplasty Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Mr Vik Vijh who undertakes this procedure for The Beauty Gurus, commented…

” Women are more open to discussing their intimate areas I think in part due to programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies. This has led to a substantial rise in the demand for these procedures. What I would stress is that whatever the procedure, it should be undertaken after a full consultation with a fully qualified surgeon and with a good understanding of the facts and complexities of the procedure. It is also essential that a realistic outcome is understood by the patient.”

Mr Vijh himself has appeared on Embarrassing Bodies as well as many other TV programmes. The most recent of these was Last Chance Salon which diarised the journey of several patients who had suffered botched surgery.

Mr Vijh successfully revised the outcomes of the patients to give a much more aesthetically pleasing result in each case. ” I cannot stress enough that the expertise of the surgeon and the aftercare that he or she gives is essential.”

The Beauty Gurus only work with fully qualified NHS plastic surgeons who are experts in their chosen field. “Furthermore, just because a surgeon is a plastic surgeon does not mean they will excel at every procedure.

At The Beauty Gurus, the procedure you want will largely determine the surgeon who undertakes the work. For example, Mr Darren Lewis is our expert in post weight loss surgery.”  Mr Vijh added.

The Beauty Gurus are on hand to answer all your questions, whatever the nature of your enquiry. Visit us at or call us on 0800 612 5919.

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Harley Medical PIP Implants

Harley Medical PIP Implants

The Beauty Gurus are providers of the top quality cosmetic surgery in the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and London.  We feel it is shameful that companies such as Harley Medical Group should act or be allowed to act in this manner. The welfare of our patients is at the very top of our agenda. We have never used PIP implants and only use expensive and  top quality implants in all our procedures.

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