The Beauty Gurus read this blog with interest. It’s hardly a huge revelation that the consultation is a vital part of any patient pathway. If the consultation is not done properly, a patient can possibly end up with a result she or he did not expect. The patient’s understanding of a possible outcome, good or bad, is essential. The surgeon’s understanding of a patient’s expectations is equally important. This all taken into consideration, we therefore find it baffling that certain clinics opt to have consultations with nurses rather than the actual surgeon in the first instance.


This article also points out how important the breast implant is in the whole procedure for a breast augmentation. Again, we agree. It’s just a tragedy Harley Medical used so many PIP implants on so many patients. We would stress, we have never used PIP. Nor would we ever use an implant based on it’s price. An implant should be purchased based on quality and the basis of a possible positive patient outcome. If you are considering breast augmentation, come and talk to us. You will see one of the top surgeons in the country. You will be given time to consider every element of the process. You will get Allergan implants. You will get great care. Our clinics are available in Birmingham, London and Hereford. Contact us at The Beauty Gurus  or  call us on 0800 612 5919.

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BAAPS Report Decline In Plastic Surgery Numbers

BAAPS Report Decline In Plastic Surgery Numbers

This article outlines an apparent decline in plastic surgery numbers over the last calendar year. We feel this is wholly attributable to the PIP effect. Patients flocked to us, and other reputable surgeons, in the wake of the PIP scandal. This meant we had very busy clinics up and down the country filled with patients wanting PIP implants removed. Many of the patients wanting removal had them done as quickly as they could after the scandal broke so naturally the number presenting now, is of course lower.

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