There are many articles each day in our industry that we read with interest. This one we read with utter horror.

All our surgeons have trained and worked in the University Hospital Birmingham. This unit is one of the largest burns and plastics units in the UK and Europe. Mr Vijh has been head of this department. As such, through the daily work our surgeons do, we are acutely aware of the horrendous nature of burns injuries.

Burns are amongst the hardest wounds to treat. For the patient, they can expect horrendous pain, scarring for life and possible loss of limbs or restricted movement. Worse still, in many cases death is a likely and tragic outcome. Burns take years to treat, with patients experiencing physical and psycological trauma for years and sometimes for life.

We implore you. Under no cicumstances take any chances whatsoever with your physical well being.

Nothing is worth the possible dire consequences. Nothing.

If you feel you need to harm yourself for whatever reason, we also implore you to seek help. Professional help.

If this article reaches one person that has a wake up call, then we would be delighted to have made a difference.

If you are worried that you or someone you know may be self harming, please contact Mind for professional mental health care.

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