Recently a group of American Plastic Surgeons disclosed all the weird and wonderful procedures that patients had requested over the years. In most cases the Surgeons declined to carry out the extreme surgeries however it is common for patients to share images of celebrities or features that they’d like their surgeon to create. 

The most requested Cosmetic Procedure according to a UK study is the Duchess of Cambridge's nose

I often have to explain to patients that whilst the Duchess of Cambridges nose looks good on her, her nose may not necessarily look the same on someone else. The Duchess of Cambridge has what’s often referred to as ‘a mathematically perfect nose’, it suits her bone structure and is balanced against her other facial features whereas a person with a different bone structure may suit a smaller, larger, wider or thinner nose.

The same applies with most procedures, a patients may ask for a 280cc Breast Implant at consultation because that’s what their friend has. Again their friends’ height, body shape and original breast size may have been different therefore in order to achieve a similar result a larger, smaller or different placement of implant maybe required.

They key to achieving a good result with Plastic Surgery is creating a feature or shape that enhances the individuals appearance. It is important to attend your consultation with an open mind, of course take along the photo you have in mind and discuss what you’d like to achieve but be guided by your surgeon as to what is a realistic result. It is a surgeons responsibility to be honest, if your expectation is unrealistic he or she will usually say so. It works both ways whilst you as a patient want a certain result your Surgeon wants to achieve a result to be proud of and one that he knows you will be happy with too.

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