The Beauty Gurus have posted recently on the topic of surgery abroad but this article backs up precisely what we have being saying! It is really not public knowledge that surgery abroad can be risky, expensive and hugely problematic. The NHS can and will charge you if they have to correct problems caused by surgery abroad. This can often mean the total cost is much higher than the cost of surgery had you opted to stay in the UK! This on top of the added problem of a complication in the first place, is it really worth it?

Surgery Aboard

Procedures such as facelift, liposuction, abdominoplasty and others are complex by nature. Complications can and do occur. At The Beauty Gurus, we give impartial and honest advice to all our patients in our clinics throughout the West Midlands, Hereford and London. Plastic and Cosmetic surgery is a big step and should be seen as such. We are clinicians, not salespeople!

Please consider all the options very carefully. Saving a thousand pounds by going abroad really is not worth the risks in our view. Come and have a chat to us soon. Call us now on 0800 612 5919 or visit us at The Beauty Gurus.

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