Many of the posts we do are related to the importance for patients to check out their doctor or provider. This very neatly highlights why!

Within this article is an interesting fact. 80% of complaints about injectables were from patients treated by unqualified people or beauticians. To become a plastic surgeon takes over 15 years of training. We intimately examine every part of the body. The face in particular is an extraordinary part of the body with many nerves muscles, veins and capillaries below the skin. Surgeons such as our own Mr Vijh who specialise in facial surgery and complex micro surgery of the face have an amazing understanding of the structure. Beauticians certainly do not. Moreover, many clinicians do not have this level of understanding.

The facilities where a treatment is done often tells its own story. It goes without saying that a shed (!), kitchen or private dwelling (yes, we have seen them all!) is not a suitable place for this kind of treatment, which does (like any treatment) carry risks. However, opt for a CQC registered venue. These venues undergo rigorous checks and processes from the Care Quality Commission in order to get registration. Our clinic in Hopwood just south of Birmingham is a fully registered CQC clinic.

The third element is the substance used. Needles are single use. Vials of botox should be for single patients and the botox itself should in our view be one of the FDA approved substances. If it isn’t, it is possible it has not undergone any of the appropriate tests and research.

In summary, check out the qualifications of your doctor, is the venue CQC registered and is your clinician using a FDA approved substance?

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