There is little doubt the advent of selfies has had a profound effect on patients’ self perception. An unedited picture is scrutinised by patients looking to understand how they are perceived by others. More than ever before they present as very conscious of their image and look.

The ability to edit their own features using phone based apps is also a reason why patients are thinking about this element more and more. They are able to change their features to look how they would desire. This is a dangerous trend as it bears no reflection as to what can be achieved surgically.

Turning up at one of our consultations with an edited picture presents a difficult challenge for a plastic surgeon. One of the main areas of our job is to ensure a patient is suitable for surgery; both physically, medically and psychologically.

The expectation of a patient is often very hard to align with and if we feel that we cannot fulfil the expectation of the patient, we will not treat them. We do not want unhappy patients on any level.

That said, through careful counselling we can often give a very good indication of what can be achieved, which will often give a very good improvement or subtle change that really does improve the patient outlook and well-being.

The key thing is to be realistic. Realisitic as to what can be achieved and what SHOULD be achieved.

At The Beauty Gurus we are experts in our field. We are highly expereinced and highly trained.

Come and see us at one of our clinics if you are considering cosmetic surgery.

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