This story saddens us totally. A needless waste of a young life. It brings home several points that we have been loud voices for over many years.  Surgery inherently carries risks. As UK trained fully qualified plastic surgeons it is our job to give a patient those risks, let the patient consider their options for 2 weeks after an initial consultation and ensure they totally understand the procedure they are undertaking. We do not know the circumstances in this specific case but we do know many countries do not have either the rigorous training programme that surgeons in the UK undergo, nor do they have the level of safeguards akin to here in the UK.

Going abroad for surgery is invariably cheaper. Patients are encouraged to treat it as a holiday as well as surgery. Many people feel going abroad for surgery carries more risks than staying in the UK. It is true we see an alarming number of people in our clinics that have been abroad for surgery and now require corrective surgery. Every one of them says the cost saving was not worth it. Every one of them has to pay for corrective surgery which makes the whole cost significantly higher than the cost had they stayed at home.

One other point the article alludes to is whether or not the surgery was necessary in the first place. As responsible surgeons, if we feel a patient simply does not need the procesure, we won’t perform it. Again, we do not know the details of this case but we do know many providers, at home and abroad will carry out procedures on patients that arguably do not need the treatment or will not see a significant benefit from it.

Our hearts go out to everyone associated with this tragic case. We only hope this is the last case in such circumstances.

Please, please… do your research, ask a lot of questions, don’t buy on price. It’s your body.

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