What a fantastically positive story this is! It shows perfectly what we always say…don’t ignore something you believe might be a problem! Mr Lawrenson does outline the issues many gents have with coming to doctors or surgeons. Whether it is pride, time or whatever the reason…do not put it off!

This story had a happy conclusion thankfully but we are aware of several that have not. We can look at, diagnose and treat moles and areas of skin such as the one in this case. Mr Vijh is an expert in this field and headed up the regional skin cancer team for years.

Do not put it off! Come and see us now for a consultation. Now is a good time of year after a very hot summer when we have all had a lot more exposure to the sun that we would have had in a normal year.

Please come see us by calling 0800 612 5912 to arrange an appointment.

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